Great news!

Libraries have been reopened, with modifications, since Monday, 18 MayThe larger branches of the Gelderland Zuid Library have been open again since Monday, 18 May. Library members may return and borrow books and other items at the library during normal opening hours. The library follows the guidelines from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) to ensure that everything operates safely for both staff and visitors. Nine smaller unmanned branches will remain closed for the time being. 

Library members can borrow and return items again at seventeen open branches. Items may also be reserved once more. Items can be returned without penalty until 27 May. Library members may return their books without any fines until one week after reopening. The safety of employees and visitors means it is not yet possible to study, read or meet others in the opened libraries. All activities in the library are also cancelled until 1 September.   

House rules

Visitors are asked to observe several house rules in the library.

This means:

  • Member access only

  • Returning and borrowing only

  • One access card per person

  • Up to 16 years must be accompanied by an adult

  • Disinfect your hands

  • Maintain a 1.5-metre distance

  • Maximum stay 30 minutes

  • Use the returning and borrowing machines

  • Maximum 1 person per access card

  • Public computers and tablets

  • Printing and copying

  • Reading tables, working and sitting areas

  • Eating/ drinking

  • Toilets

Smaller branches closed

Nine smaller, unmanned branches of the Gelderland Zuid Library will remain closed for the time being. This is because the library cannot take the desired measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus there.

They are the following branches:
Angeren, Doornenburg, Haalderen, Millingen aan de Rijn, Ooij, Leuth, Kekerdom, Overasselt and Ewijk.

Library members may borrow and return items and collect reserved items from an open branch in the neighbourhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I decide when to visit the library during opening hours?

Yes, you can. You may arrive during the library’s opening hours at any time you wish. You don’t have to book your visit in advance. 

How does staying in the library for a maximum of 30 minutes work?

We ask that you please limit your visit to the library to a maximum of 30 minutes. This is based on good faith. We ask that you keep an eye on the time yourself. This lets you make room for someone else who also wants to borrow or return items. 

Is a mask obligatory in the library?

No, a mask is not mandatory in our libraries. But we do ask that you disinfect your hands when entering. 

Will the returned items go into quarantine?

Returned library items will not be quarantined. Quarantining returned items is pointless because all materials in the library can be touched by our visitors. Neither is there any certainty about the safety offered by the quarantine measure itself. RIVM estimates that the chance of someone being infected via a book is not significant, even if the virus is present on that book. To avoid any false sense of security, we are following the measures applied in other sectors (such as the food market and parcel services) on the basis of RIVM advice. Our staff adhere to the hygiene measures when collecting items. Visitors are asked to disinfect their hands when entering the library. These are the most important and effective measures to prevent coronavirus contamination. 

Why may I not read or work in the library, sit at a computer or go to the toilet?

The library is currently only open for borrowing, searching for and returning books and other items. Reading and working areas and the toilets are not available, as frequent use increases the risk of transmitting the coronavirus. We cannot guarantee the safety of our visitors and staff if these areas are opened. 

When should I return the books I still have at home?

For the larger branches which have been open since 18 May, and for any items that should have been returned before 14 March, we are not charging any fines between 14 March and 27 May. For items with a return date between 14 March and 18 May in the larger sites, we have extended this to a date in June. For the smaller sites open from 2 June and for items that should have been returned before 14 March, we are not charging any fines between 14 March and 9 June. So it is not necessary to return your borrowed items immediately after the library reopens. For items with a return date between March 14 and June 2 in the smaller branches, we have extended this to a date in June. You can check your new return date by logging into ‘Mijn Bibliotheek’ (‘My Library’) or contact our Customer Service on 024 327 49 11 from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00.

Can I also pay my fine via the library’s payment terminal?

Yes, you can. Of course only in the libraries where there is an ATM. You can also pay using iDeal in ‘Mijn Bibliotheek’ on the Gelderland Zuid Library website (www.obgz.nl). 

Can I join the library?

It’s also possible in our larger branches if staff are present. You can also become a member online at www.obgz.nl/lid-worden

I have lost my library card; what should I do?

To prevent abuse, we recommend that you report your card missing to block it. You can do this online though ‘Mijn Bibliotheek’ (My Library), through a member of staff in the library, or by phone/email via our Customer Service (tel +31 (0)24 327 49 11, klantenservice@obgz.nl). A new card costs €5 and identification is required. A parent or caregiver is required for children under the age of 16. 

I want to pick up a reserved item; how does that work?

Reservations can be collected from our special reservation box. Reservations are sorted by the first three letters of your surname. 

Can I reserve items again?

Yes, reservations are available once more from 18 May. You can choose the desired pick-up location when making a reservation. If your library is not yet open, you can choose another nearby branch. 

I want to collect my reserved item but my library is still closed.

Reservations already available before the libraries closed will remain so until one week after the branch reopens.

Can I order another surprise package?

As an alternative we offered the surprise packages that you could order via the Pick-Up Counter. Now that most of our branches are open again, we have stopped using the Pick-Up Counter. So you may choose for yourself again. Applications up to and including 8 May have still been processed.

I can’t or don’t dare go to the library yet; what should I do?

Library members can use the online library at home, to read e-books and listen to audiobooks. See here for more information. We also have a webpage with lots more ‘Tips for Home’; you can find them here.  

Why were you not yet open on 11 May?

On 6 May the central government announced that libraries could be reopened on 11 May. Although the preparations at our libraries were in full swing, we needed another week to set up the branches safely for our staff and visitors. One factor, for instance, was the limited availability of necessary aids such as antiviral shields and disinfectants.

Why are there no employees in some small branches?

To comply with the strict National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) measures, we cannot guarantee a safe workplace for our staff in these branches. Users of these unmanned branches can contact our Customer Service Department on 024 - 327 49 11 for any questions. 

When will the other branches open?

The branches that have not yet reopened are in multifunctional premises which are still closed. Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest news on opening hours. 

I have another question; can I ask it somewhere?

Our customer service is available on weekdays between 9.00 and 18.00 hours on+31 (0)24 3274911, or ask your question via info@obgz.nl.