The library, the city’s living room

The library is a public building, open to everyone. Here you can read anything you like, meet people, have a coffee or just sit and relax. That’s why we call our library the city’s living room. Welcome to the library!

Do you want to improve your Dutch language skills? Or read a newspaper or magazine in your own language? Check out what we can offer you below!

Language Café (Taalcafé)

In our free Taalcafé, you can practise speaking Dutch.

Practising with other people is very helpful when learning a new language. You will talk to other people who are learning Dutch and native speakers. Each meeting has a particular topic. That might be the news or something that is typical for Dutch culture.

Check here the opening hours of the Taalcafé. In Nijmegen you're welcome every wednesday from 10-12am in De Mariënburg library.

Online newspapers and magazines

PressReader enables you to read magazines and newspapers online for free. From around the world in more than 60 different languages. On a computer in the library or on your own tablet or smartphone by downloading the PressReader app.

Connect with the Wi-Fi network in our library and read anywhere you like, online or offline.

For more information, visit Or visit the website: to read newspapers from around the world online.

Language House (Taalhuis)

Do you want to improve your Dutch language skills?
Come to the Taalhuis and practise with native speakers.

When and where?
- De Mariënburg library in the centre of Nijmegen:
Tuesdays between 10 - 12 am
- Zwanenveld library (Nijmegen-Dukenburg):
Thursdays between 2 - 4 pm

Taalhuis is closed during school holidays.

Language programme Taalkit Dutch

Taalkit Dutch teaches you to use Dutch in your daily life and helps you feel at home in the Netherlands. In the library, you will get a login code and you can start your online lessons at We have special computers available for you at De Mariënburg library in the centre of Nijmegen or at Zwanenveld library (Nijmegen-Dukenburg). You can also practise any time, anywhere, on your own smartphone, laptop or tablet by using Wi-Fi. The Taalkit Dutch is free.

For more information and a login code, please contact the library (Marijke Buursen), tel. 024 - 327 49 87, e-mail: or ask at your refugee centre.

Be aware: Taalkit DUTCH is from 1 January 2018 nog longer available online.

Want to become a member of the library?

"A human being lives in words, and words live in the library"

'Would you like to feel welcome and at home?
It’s closer than you think and a short walking distance downtown. The library is the place to be. You can sit there relaxed without any charges in a kind of living room, order your thoughts, enjoy reading a book, put your plans and future dreams on paper, read the Arabic or English newspaper or join the weekly Language Café where you can practise the Dutch language. Just come along and feel the place and you’ll surely come back. As a refugee, I myself began there and I am now the city poet of Nijmegen.' - Amal Karam (City Poet of Nijmegen)

الانسان مسكون بالكلمات والكلمات بيتها المكتبات

هل تود
الشعور أنك في بيتك؟ المسافة أقصر مما تتصور مشيا على الأقدام الي وسط المدينة.
المكتبة المركزية هي المكان المنشود. فهناك يمكنك الجلوس بهدوء مجانا فيما يدعى
غرفة الجلوس: هناك ترتب أفكارك و تستمتع بقراءة كتاب أو جريدة باللغة العربية أو
الانكليزية  أو تكتب ما يحلو لك من خطط و
أحلام مستقبلية أو تتلتحق بمقهى اللغة الأسبوعي للتدريب على اللغة الهولندية. عليك
بالحضور مرة ولا بد أنك تأتي ثانية. لقد كنت يوما ما لاجئة تزور المكتبة وأنا اليوم
شاعرة مدينة نايميخن.

أمل كرم           

Television programme subtitles

New to the Netherlands is a website launched by the Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO where you can watch programmes with Dutch, English and Arabic subtitles. Using a selection of on-demand media, New to the Netherlands provides refugees and immigrants with a guide to Dutch society.

For more information about this service, visit We hope to see you soon in the library.