Beyond the Book

12 oktober 2022, van 19:30 tot 21:00 | Nijmegen, Bibliotheek De Mariënburg

Kosten: Leden en studenten € 4,00 | Overige bezoekers € 6,00

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Radboud University and the public library join forces to offer international students, expats, and other cultural-minded people a series of lectures in English. We bring the lecturers of the university to the library to share their knowledge with you! In Beyond the Book literature and culture is central, but we also go beyond it, for example by linking artworks to current issues or by opening a conversation on themes raised in historical texts that touch on contemporary debates.

“There is no part of a butch lesbian that is welcome in this world”, Joelle Taylor observes in the preface to C+nto and Othered Poems (2021), which won the prestigious T.S. Eliot Prize last year. Through this poetry collection, Taylor celebrates how lesbian women loved, fought, and sacrificed in the face of discrimination and outright violence, bringing the vibrant London LGBT+ scene of the 1990s to life again in a series of dazzling and forceful poems. During this session, we will discuss how Taylor addresses issues of gender, sexuality, and trauma in her poetry, and also watch a video recording of her performance of the title poem. Both commemorative and revolutionary, C+nto is a collection that transforms poetry into vindication – or, as Taylor herself states: “I wear the abuse as a suit”.

Ruud van den Beuken is Assistant Professor of English Literature (Department of Modern Languages & Cultures). He was awarded the 2015 Irish Society for Theatre Research (ISTR) New Scholars' Prize for his research on postcolonial mythological plays, and in April 2017, he received his PhD (cum laude) for his thesis on cultural memory and national identity formation in Irish drama.

Photograph by Suzi Corker


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